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Neighborhood Spotlight: The Castro

  1. If you haven’t made it to The Castro, then you have not truly experienced San Francisco. It’s not just “the gay neighborhood” – it is the essence of our city: liberal, open-minded, and free. Anything goes in San Francisco, and anything goes in the Castro, too. You might not see naked people anymore, due to the recent nudity ban, but you will see gay and straight people alike letting their freak flags fly. It’s hard to describe, but this neighborhood just has a sense of freedom in the air.

 The Castro makes a great naughty detour on any tour of San Francisco. You’ll find the highest concentration of sex shops in the whole city – at least one on every block (some blocks have several).


Sex Shop – Does Your Mother Know?

Once you’re explored the sex shops, you can enjoy the cheapest drinks in the entire city here in the Castro. There are drink specials every night of the week: Tuesday is $1 beer night at The Edge, for example. Both gay and straight people alike flock to the Castro on weekends to take advantage of the good music, cheap strong drinks, and crazy party atmosphere. However you end up spending your time in the Castro, it’s sure to be an experience you won’t soon forget, and probably one you won’t be able to tell your mother.


Sidenote for gay travelers:

Guys: You’re in luck – pretty much every bar in the Castro is a gay bar filled with attractive men. You don’t need any tips – just pick a bar, any bar.

Girls: Unfortunately, the Castro is mostly geared toward men. If you want to meet girls, I suggest checking out The Lexington Club (in the Mission, just a 20 minute walk from the Castro).

Or, if you’re here on a Tuesday, you’re in luck because it’s Girls Night, a crazy dance party where no men are allowed. (Okay, they’re technically allowed, but they’re not exactly made to feel welcome here.)

This is a really good party. It’s hot, sweaty, and crowded. The music is dirty, sexy, base-heavy hip-hop with some electronic thrown in. The crowd is fun and crazy, and there are a lot of hotties. Sometimes the night dissolves into a sort of dance orgy – you’re not just grinding with your friends anymore, you’re also grinding with the several other girls on all sides of you. Go. You can send me a thank-you note later.


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